Our Service

Emergency Ambulance Service

KVN Services provides nation’s fastest and most dedicated Emergency Ambulance Services, which ensure timely and prompt response to emergency health issues, anywhere within CA state.

Fire Protection Service

Our award winning fire protection service ensures total safety and security of residential complexes, commercial properties, airports, industrial establishments, and communities.

On-Demand Clinical Service

Clinical emergencies can happen anytime, anywhere. You cannot predict such incidences, but yes, you can be prepared. And we at KVN Services are the experts medical professionals

Personal Emergency Response Service

Personal emergency can occur anytime, anywhere. Especially vulnerable are those situations, wherein an elderly or sick family member is staying alone in a house.

Wildland Fire Service

KVN Services is one of the leading organizations which works with the Government departments to contain and battle seasonal wildfires, which are a menace to the society.

We Are Capable

KVN Services owns a huge fleet of ambulances, which are capable to handle any form of emergency medical services. We have been awarded as CA state's leading emergency medical services provider


We Are Experienced

KVN Services employs experienced, certified and professional firefighters, who have decades of experience in managing fire incidents, for both commercial and residential locations.


We Deliver

KVN Services works with non-Government organizations, and Govt. establishments to control and battle wildland fire, at any terrain and any geographical location.


How We Work

The very foundation of SafeOne Ambulance & Emergency Services lies in our belief that every living being is important for the Universe, and there should be no stones unturned in ensuring that every life which is in danger, should be protected at any cost.

Step 1

In case of any emergency or urgent requirement, customers and patrons are required to contact by emailing us at info@kvnservices.com.

Step 2

We will listen to your emergency, and provide you prompt advice, which will help to negotiate with the situation, immediately. We will collect your address, your phone number and any special instruction which you want us to have.

Step 3

Within 5-15 minutes, we will inform you about the possible expenditure to carry out the emergency tasks, and based on your approval, we will immediately dispatch the required personals for handling the issue.

Step 4

We will provide you with safe and secured payment gateways, through which you can make the payments for our service charges, without any obstacles.

see what patients are saying?

KVN actually helped us to save my father’s life. All I did was called KVN’s emergency response service, and they took care of everything else.


KVN are the real hero! When they learnt about fire at my farm, they immediately dispatched experienced firefighters, and they controlled the fire.

Richard Parker

I was alone at my home, and suffered a heart attack. KVN fellows quickly understood the problem, and provided me with clinical assistance. Thanks KVN.

Simon Ferris